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Equipment rental

TACTICAL STEEL offers the same professional quality equipment for rental. Dispose of professional quality equipment while controlling your budget! A whole range is available in varying lengths depending on the type of material.

Categories6 mois12 mois24 mois36 mois
Racks & Rigstick.pngtick.pngtick.pngtick.png
Olympic Bartick.pngtick.pngtick.png
Disc Olympic Packtick.pngtick.png
Kettlebell Olympic Packtick.pngtick.png
Dumbbell Packtick.pngtick.png
Wall Ball Packtick.pngtick.png
Power Bag Packtick.pngtick.png
Jump Boxtick.pngtick.png
Weightlifting Flooringtick.pngtick.png

But we also provide complete packages for event-competition on request. Contact us by phone at 04 94 89 68 63 or email to support@tactical-steel.com.