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These Terms and Conditions of Online Sale ("Terms") apply exclusively to current and future business relationship between:

  • The company TACTICAL STEEL is a “société par actions simplifiée SAS” with a capital of € 1,000 whose trade name is TACTICAL-STEEL.COM, with registered office 117 Avenue Marcel Berre, ZI Camp Laurent 83500 La Seyne sur Mer, with the Trade Register Toulon Companies under number 821 135 902, VAT identification number FR83821135902 hereinafter "Seller" or "the Website"
  • Any person or legal person having the legal capacity to make a purchase via the website "http://www.tactical-steel.com", hereinafter the "Customer"

All on http://www.tactical-steel.com website (hereinafter "website") acknowledges the unconditional acceptance of all of these Terms. Terms & conditions applicable to the order made by the Customer are those in effect on the Site at the date of order. They prevail over any other general or special conditions not specifically approved by the Seller.

Seller reserves the right to adapt or modify at any time these Terms. It is imperative to read and accept prior to any order the applicable Terms. The date of the last update of these Terms is at the top of this page.

For questions concerning pre-contractual information, it is possible to join the Seller's Customer Service (Phone: 04 94 89 68 63, not a surcharged number, or email: serviceclient@tactical-steel.com).

Legal informations :

This site is published by: TACTICAL STEEL a “ société par actions simplifiée SAS” with capital of € 1,000 whose trade name is tactical-steel.com, and whose office 117 Avenue Marcel Berre, ZI Camp Laurent 83500 La Seyne sur Mer, is registered at Toulon Trade register under number 821 135 902, VAT identification number FR83821135902.

The publishing director of the website is Mr. Julien Gaillard in his capacity as CEO.

The website is hosted by OVH. Storage is provided by OVH, a simplified joint stock company with a capital of € 10,069,020 whose office is 2 rue Kellermann 59100 ROUBAIX, is registered with the Trade Register of LILLE of Companies under number 424 761 419 00045, number of VAT identification FR 22424761419.


The customer can place his order :

  • directly on the Site
  • or by calling Customer Service at Seller 04 94 89 68 63

The order will be registered and validated on the site as soon as the Client has complied with the instructions on the Site.

In accordance with Civil Code on concluding on-line contracts, the contract will be concluded when you click the enter button prior to confirming your order you can review the details thereof and in particular the price and have the opportunity to correct any errors.

The Seller will then contact the customer by e-mail confirming that the order is recorded.

It is recalled that every purchase confirms unreserved acceptance of all of our Terms. This confirmation and all data recorded by the Seller will be an evidence of the commercial transaction. The Vendor will retain purchase orders and invoices on a reliable and durable as a true copy in accordance with article 1348 of the Civil Code. Contracts concluded on our website (data relating to your order and Conditions applicable on the date of your order) are archived for a period of 10 years. The computerized registers of the Seller will be considered by the parties as proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions between the parties. You can access the archived contracts upon request by e-mail at serviceclient@tactical-steel.com or by mail to: TACTICAL STEEL 117 Avenue Marcel Berre - ZI Camp Laurent - 83500 SEYNE SUR MER.

Seller agrees to
honor the orders received on the website. The absence of availability of a product, the customer service is committed to informing the customer to offer him a substitute product or to refund the order (see section B).

If a product is no longer manufactured or can no longer be resupplied within a month, the Seller is obliged to remove from the website the product presentation page.

The Site reserves the right to refuse to honor an order from a customer that would not update its obligations to the Seller.


As for pricesthey include taxes in euro taking into account the VAT applicable on the date of the order; any rate change will be reflected in product prices. The Seller reserves the right to change prices at any time, however, only the price indicated on the day of the order will apply to the Customer.

The possible reference price displayed next to the selling price is established using:

a. The lowest prices charged by the advertiser during the last 30 days
preceding the beginning of the promotion

b. The price recommended by the manufacturer or the importer

c. The maximum price resulting from a provision of regulation

d. The last price recommended by the manufacturer or importer

The shipping price will be automatically calculated and updated depending upon the delivery method, the article and the shipping address selected and will be indicated in the Customer's shopping cart.

For countries outside of the European Union, customs or import taxes are due as soon as the package reaches it’s destination country. The Customer must then pay any additional taxes. The Seller has no control over these charges and therefore is not able to predict an amount. For more information and an accurate pricing, it is necessary to check with the local customs office.

For products, the essential characteristics of the items offered for sale on the site are described and presented with the greatest possible precision.

In case of unavailability of a product after placing the order, the Customer will be notified by email, telephone or mail.

The seller will offer him :

  • to replace the product ordered by a similar product at the same price. In this case, after receipt of the like product, the cost of returning will be borne by the Seller.
  • either a refund of amounts paid within a maximum period of thirty days. Beyond this term, these amounts bear interest at the legal rate.

The choice of the payment method, occurs during the formation of the shopping cart. The complete description of payment methods is available on the website under "Payment Methods".

Products and delivery charges are payable according specific payment option by the customer on the site. All payments must be made in Euros.

The site has developed an order verification procedure designed to insure no one is using the bank details of another person without his knowledge. As part of this audit, it will ask the customer to send by fax or email to the Seller a copy of a photo ID and proof of address dating less than 3 months. The order will be confirmed after receipt and verification by us of these elements.



According to Article L121-20-3 of the Consumer Code, the period of delivery of the order is indicated in the shopping cart before the final closing of the transaction.

starts from the processing of the order by the Seller of the logistics service. Any order for a product in stock confirmed by the Seller before 11 am is processed and shipped within 24 to 48 hours.

In case of non-compliance of the delivery time, the Customer may obtain the cancellation of the sale as provided in the second and third paragraphs of Article L. 114-1 of the Consumer Code. It is then
refunded under the conditions of Article L. 121-20-1 of the Consumer Code.

As required by law, in case of late delivery from the date specified in the order, the customer has the possibility to cancel his order at the expiration of the period or, if later than thirty days after the conclusion of the order by letter with acknowledgment of receipt.


The Seller offers different modes of delivery which vary by product, delivery address, date of purchase:

  1. Standard delivery
    This choice of delivery allows you to receive the package within 48 hours thanks to the Post Office and UPS or 6 to 10 days with another carrier.

  2. The floor in delivery
    Delivery floor with a prior appointment
    Served departments: 07,21,26,30,31,51,59, 66,69,75,80,84,92,93,94,95

  3. Saturday delivery
    Saturday Delivery
    Served departments: 07,21,26,30,31,51,59, 66,69,75,80,84,92,93,94,95

  4. UPS delivery 48h
    UPS delivery 48h
    Control set before 9am: Parcels shipped the same day
    Control set after 9am: Parcels shipped the next day

  5. UPS delivery 24h
    Express delivery guarantee shipping within 24 hours with UPS
    Control set before 9am: Parcels shipped the same day, after 9: Parcels shipped the next day

  6. Delivery on appointment
    Delivery by appointment on intramural Paris for an extra € X from 17:00 to 21:30 in a slot of 1:30 Monday through Friday.

  7. Collection point delivery
    In a collection point near your home, your workplace or vacation.
    3 possibilities:

    • Cityssimo my instruction: delivery in one of the lockers Cityssimo 7/7 and 24h / 24.
    • My post office: delivery in one of the 10 000 points of withdrawal Post your choice in France.
    • My shopping: Delivery in one of the shops of the 4200 PICKUP network, Groupe La Poste.

The shipping price will be automatically calculated and updated as the delivery method, the article and the shipping address selected and will be indicated in the Customer's shopping cart.

For overseas territories and areas outside the European Union countries, customs or import taxes are due as soon as the package reaches its destination country. The Customer must then pay any additional tax. The Seller has no control over these charges and therefore is not able to predict them. For more information and an accurate pricing, it is necessary to check with the local customs office.


The Site reserves the right to refuse to make a delivery from a customer which is not up to date of its obligations to the Seller.

For standard delivery, bulky packages are not delivered an upper floor but they are delivered at a minimum at the door of the house or building.

If the customer is not at home during the delivery, a delivery notice is left in his mailbox with the coordinates of the carrier so that it can contact them and make an appointment. Delivery is considered done on the date of receipt of the order to the address indicated on the order form.

For reasons of availability, an order can be delivered in different boxes to the customer.

The customer only pays for one delivery. If the customer wants the delivery to two separate places, he must pass two separate orders with different delivery charges


Delivery of products is entrusted to carriers selected by the Seller, in the geographic areas covered by the Site (Europe). Delivery is made by delivering the product directly to the addressee or, in his absence, another person expressly authorized by the Client.

Upon delivery, it is recommended the customer ensure that the products have not been damaged during transport. If the customer finds an apparent anomaly, it can either accept or reject the products. In both cases, he may report the said apparent anomalies of the delivery to the carrier or by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the carrier within three business days, and send a copy to the Seller (TACTICAL STEEL - 117 Avenue Marcel Berre - 83500 SEYNE SUR MER). In case of delivery by the postal services, the same precautions apply.

If an abnormality is found, it is recommended that the client to complete an anomaly report. If the products were accepted, the Customer may contact our services to arrange a product return according to the formalities described in section H 'Right of withdrawal. " It is advisable to attach copies of the delivery if it has been annotated, the letter to the carrier and / or statement of abnormality with the returned products. If the products are rejected, the Client must ask the carrier to return the products to the Seller. It is advisable to send to the seller by registered delivery the annotated copy of the delivery note, the letter to the carrier and / or statement of anomaly so to facilitate the processing of the file.


The transfer of ownership of the goods will be postponed until full payment by the client of the latter and of the shipping costs.

In case of a delayed payment, the Seller will retain ownership of the goods until full payment thereof and of shipping under the conditions established by contract, even in case of insolvency proceedings against the Customer , in accordance with Articles L.621-122 and following of the trade.

However, from the date of receipt of the order by the Customer or a person specificaly authorized by the customer, the risks of the Products delivered are transferred to the Customer.


The Contractual Warranty does not cover the installation of the product that is under the sole responsibility of the Customer. The Client is obliged to verify the proper functioning of the equipment delivered, read carefully, and prior to assembly, the instructions accompanying the product.

Some devices come pre-assembled and the remaining pieces need to be assembled. The Customer agrees to carefully follow the instructions in the installation manual supplied with the unit to avoid any error of assembly and risk of malfunction or injury.

The delivery man is not under any obligation to assemble or install the equipment.

The Seller offers, upon specific request by the customer, the ability to install devices by a specialized team. Just contact the Seller's customer service to find the access to the service conditions.


As a consumer customer, you have a period of 14 days to exercise your legal right of withdrawal and an additional 14 days following the sending of the form. In the case of a control product, the period is counted from the receipt of goods. In the case of a service delivery order, the period starts from the acceptance of the offer. If the 14-day period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or a holiday, it is extended to the next working day. You do not have to provide a reason to exercise your right of withdrawal, you will not suffer any penalty in case you exercise your right of withdrawal, you must send the PRODUCT to the following address: TACTICAL STEEL 117, Avenue Marcel Berre 83500 LA SEYNE SUR MER. Return costs are exclusively your responsibility.

To facilitate the return of the PRODUCT and processing the file, the client can contact the Seller in advance by e-mail by accessing the following link: serviceclient@tactical-steel.com or phone 04 94 89 68 63 in order to get a receipt number to return the goods. The exercise of the right of withdrawal results in a refund of amounts paid for the order as soon as possible and no later than 14 days from the date the customer has exercised this right. The Seller may nevertheless defer repayment until the recovery of property or proof of return shipping of the physical goods by the customer. Note that if the amount of goods is paid back in full, but the shipping costs paid by the customer will be reimbursed within the limits of those of a standard delivery.

Refund will be made according to the original method of payment chosen. The refund of purchases made by gift vouchers will be exclusively in the form of vouchers for the same amount as paid in this form.


All warranties advertised on the site may be subject to conditions. Example: return the paper form, registration on the brand’s website.

1°) Legal compliance warranty (the Consumer Code):

Article L. 211-4: "The seller must deliver goods in conformity with the contract and liable for conformity defects existing upon delivery. It also addresses the lack of conformity resulting from the packaging, instructions for assembly or installation when it was by the contract or was carried out under his responsibility."

Article L. 211-5: "To comply with the contract, the product must:

1 - Be suitable for the purpose usually associated with such a product and, if applicable:

* Match the description given by the trader and possess the qualities that he has presented to the buyer as a sample or model;

* have the features that buyer might reasonably expect given the public statements made by the seller, the producer or his representative, particularly in advertising or labeling;

  2 - Or have the characteristics defined by mutual agreement by the parties or be suitable for any particular purpose for which the buyer made known to the seller and the latter accepted.

Article L. 211-7: The lack of conformity which becomes apparent within six months from delivery of the goods are presumed to exist at the time of delivery, unless proved otherwise. The seller can rebut this presumption if it is not compatible with the nature of the good or the compliance defect cited

Article L. 211-9: In the event of lack of conformity, the buyer chooses between the repair and replacement of the goods. However, the seller may not proceed according to the buyer's choice if the choice involves a manifestly disproportionate cost in relation to the other terms, given the property value or importance of the defect.

Article L. 211-10: If the repair and replacement, are impossible, the buyer can return the goods and get a full refund or keep the goods

The same option is open to him:

  • If the requested solution, proposed or agreed in accordance with Article L. 211-9 of the Consumer Code may be implemented within the period of one month after the buyer’s claim.
  • Or if this solution cannot be without great inconvenience to it given the nature of the property and use that research.

The resolution of the sale cannot however be imposed if the defect is minor:

Article L. 211-12: Action resulting from lack of conformity
are prescribed by two years after delivery of the goods.

2°) Legal warranty against hidden defects (articles 1641 to 1649 of the Civil Code):

The Seller is required to guarantee against hidden defects of the item sold that makes it unsuitable for the use for which it was intended.

Under Article 1648 para 1 of the Civil Code, the action resulting from latent defects must be brought by the purchaser within two years after discovery of the defect.

3°) Contractual guarantee :

The Seller warrants all products thru the guarantee provided by brands. The warranty period is indicated on all the product data sheets. In the case that the goods requires a return to the seller, delivery costs to the Service Center during the warranty period will be charged to the Seller.

Beyond this period, parts, repair and eventual transport costs (recovery and product transportation) will be charged to the Customer.

Disclaimer of Warranties:

  • replacement of consumables
  • the accessories related failures, outages from defective parts to those recommended by the service brand of the device

Also excluded are defects and their consequences due to :

  • the intervention of a repairer not authorized by the trademark
  • non-compliance to the instructions
  • any error in handling
  • improper use for the purpose for which it is intended, in particular use for professional or collective purposes (excluding range pro and semi-pro)
  • any cause of external origin.

Information relating to the contractual guarantee are presented on each product's website.

This Contractual Warranty does not cover the installation of the product that is under the sole responsibility of Customer. As part of this installation and to check the compatibility of the product for use for which it is intended, the customer must refer to the usual standards, sales documentation of the Product, and instructions for installation and use of the Product.

The Seller disclaims all liability for installation, operation or maintenance of nonconforming product characteristics of the product, instructions and recommendations of the Seller, practices or standards.

If activation of the guarantee is requested, the Customer must contact Customer Service directly to the brand concerned. However, the Customer may also contact the seller by email or phone for any technical problems or requests for additional information; Advisors of the Seller are in constant contact with customer’s services and repairers authorized by the manufacturers. To activate the warranty or extended warranty, it is imperative that the Customer has kept the invoice as proof of purchase of the product. According to manufacturers, it may be specified in the product leaflet that  a free warranty extension can be activated. In this case, the Customer must refer to the manufacturer the registration coupon for this purpose, with proof of purchase, upon receipt of the unit.


According to the law concerning information technology, files and freedoms of 6 January 1978, amended by the Act of 6 August 2004, the personal data relating to Customers will be subject to automated processing.

The Customer has a right to access and rectify data concerning him according to the law of 6 January 1978 amended by the Act of 6 August 2004.

The Customer may receive offers of the Seller for products and services similar to those already ordered.

Following his first order, the Customer will also be informed of the various offers of the Seller and / or its partners for similar products and services. If the Customer does not wish to receive such information from the seller, it will notify the Seller by clicking the link provided for this purpose in the footer of the email receipt, or by mail to: TACTICAL STEEL 117 Avenue Marcel Berre, ZI Camp Laurent 83500 La Seyne sur Mer.


The Seller is automatically liable towards the Client for the proper performance of obligations arising under contract concluded at a distance.

However, the Seller shall be exempt from all or part of its liability by proving that non-performance or improper performance of the contract is attributable either to the customer or to the unforeseeable and insurmountable, a third contract or to a force majeure.

The Seller, in the online sales process is only bound by an obligation of means; and can not be held liable for damages or disruption resulting from the use of the Internet such as data loss, intrusion, viruses, break service, or other unintended problems.


All elements of the Site are and remain the exclusive intellectual property of Seller or its Partners and Suppliers. Nobody is allowed to reproduce, use, repost, or use for any purpose whatsoever, even partially, elements of the site software, visual or sound. Any single link or hyperlink is strictly prohibited without the prior written agreement of the Seller. Reproduction of any document published on the Site is only authorized for personal information purposes and private use, any reproduction or use of copies for other purposes is expressly prohibited.

Any other use is constitutive of counterfeit and is punishable under the Intellectual Property without prior express consent of the Seller.



This agreement is subject to French law. The language of this contract is French. In case of dispute, the parties shall favor an amicable resolution of the dispute within two months of the first written complaint from either party. If this fails, the dispute will be submitted to the exclusive juruduction of French courts, notwithstanding multiple defendants or guarantees.

Our standard schedules: Monday to Thursday from 9:00 to 12:00 and 14 to 17.30 04 94 89 68 63.

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